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In alphabetical order by last name.

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Bertha Aguilar - "Untitled"


"Future Goals"

Future Goals My future goals are graduating from Roosevelt High School and going to college. I’m still not sure what college I want to go to. Even though I haven’t really decided what I want to study, I think I want to study to be either an Ob-Gyn or being part of the FBI. Something I liked about this assignment is how we used a picture related to our future. I think that if I wore a different shirt and I blended the line that goes through my hair it would’ve been better. I created this photo using the Double Exposure technique by merging a self-portrait of me and pictures of future goals. If I could create another one, I would make something that shows how we saw life as a kid and how we see it now.




This is a digital piece of artwork involving the connection of a bull and a man. This shows the friendships between people and their animal companions, due to their willingness to care for each other while they are hurt physically or mentally. I also wanted to include Hispanic/Latino symbols and people of color. This was done on my phone with no special equipment.



“My View of 2020”

This is how the pandemic changed my point of view. Covid-19 impacted my voice by making me feel tired and gloomy. It also made a big impact on my life, like making me less active, bored 24/7, in addition, it made me scared for my family, and my friends. My goals as an artist were to try different mediums all together to make it more interesting, and it may not have turned out as I wanted it to, but I’m still learning! The emotions that I was trying to evoke were the feelings of unfairness, hatred, that justice is needed, love, safety, and friendliness.



”Mushroom with Eye”

My Clay Rattle was inspired by a fly agaric/Amanita Muscaria mushroom. The mushroom top is very round. I added little bumps on the mushroom top for texture. For the mushroom stump, I added lines by scraping the clay with a toothpick. I also added an eye.

SUSD-Matthew Potter-K9-12-Maci Barton-Se


“Self Portrait”

This is a work I am proud of because I got a lot more creative with the watercolor, and tried having less defined lines except for the facial structure and features, so the rest looks more soft. For the background, I put watery drops of paint down and blew on the canvas so it would create an abstract look that would fill the empty space without overcrowding.



“Boxing Trophy”

I originally created this artwork for an English assignment but ended up keeping the art piece because it contains significant meaning to me. This Trophy is my first and only boxing trophy. It reminds me of the fun and hard work I put in when I used to play the sport.




I drew Willow Smith, a musician because she is my favorite artist, I've listened to her music since before covid and has gotten me through these times. The entire time I was drawing and painting her I listened to her music. I chose a really simple, but classical flower pattern for the background. I decided to keep it a cool tone rather than the bright and warm tones that Kehinde Wiley uses because I thought the cooler colors fit my subject more. But I did add a touch of orange in the center of the flowers to lightly contrast the cool colors. For her face, I used pastel sticks and used fine art pens to make the details of her eyes, lips, hair, and chin. Her clothes were colored pencils and the background was acrylic.

DaMiaButlerKHSD - JameeEaton - 11 - DaMi


"Keep Your DIstance"

The U.S. has been dealing with this new virus since 2019 known as the [coronavirus] or COVID-19. This virus has caused us a lot of pain and suffering. Stores are being shut down and so are schools, our jobs, and even some medical places. By working together I think we could stop the spread; So everyone, please wear a mask! Yeah, I get it, you can't breathe or you think because they have a mask on you'll be fine, but what's more important is our health or your foolish thinking? Social distance yourself! 

14. L.Caramona_Web.jpg


"Why Comment on My Body"

Body positivity, a lot of people grew up thinking that there was an ideal body type, that society expects them to look like and that can make someone feel less than what people want.



”Self Portrait”

The materials used in this piece were watercolor and pencil. After lightly sketching the figure using foreshortening I laid down black watercolor in the darkest areas of the piece based on the reference image.  Next, I used a watercolor wash technique to add values and shading, making sure to leave highlights in some areas. To finish the piece, I used small brushes to create the smaller details such as the texture on the shoelaces, the jeans, and the lace on my shirt. Oftentimes I end up not enjoying the process of creating a self-portrait or the result, however, I really enjoyed this piece. The reference image depicted a version of myself that I found appealing and made me feel confident. The composition of it also made it very entertaining to draw. This piece is the first self-portrait that has made me feel confident in myself and my artistic ability.




Art means many different things. Everything is a form of art whether it is photography, music, dance, painting, and drawing. Art means whatever you want it to mean, whether it is boring or fun. Everyone has a different definition of art. My definition of art is a way to share your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It is something created with imagination. Art is something we use to express ourselves. Each art piece has different emotions whether it is happy, sad, or angry.




This Birdhouse represents my experiences during the 2020/2021 COVID 19 lockdown. I made a coffin shape which I think is funny because it is the opposite of a comfortable home for birds.  I used flowers on it in contradiction to the coffin shape.  Additionally, I added antlers, a mouth with fangs, my family, a cattle tag, and my favorite number 9.



“2020 and Me”

This drawing demonstrates how 2020 went.  In two of the numbers, it shows what many people are going through during this time, having to be locked up inside.  But, in the other two numbers, it shows the pros that came with it such as having time to yourself and with family.

48. H.Gaya_Web.jpg


“Self Portrait”

My name is Hailey and I am currently a junior at Clovis East High School. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember but started taking it more seriously during my freshman year. I discovered my love for art when I was very young because my older sister is an artist. This self portrait was an assignment that I did for my art class. I used graphite on mixed media paper to create the portrait. I should have spent more time with it. I love all mediums of art from music to drawing. Art lets people express themselves in different ways - whether through creating or consuming it.  Being creative to me is to be able to use art that other people can relate to and enjoy.

FUSD Josephine Allen 12 Tia Gertz Future


”Future Me”

This is a double exposure technique with multiple photos that are edited through PicsArt. My photo is about my future. Though I may take a different main path in career choice/learning, I still would love to be involved with acting, specifically, film acting. I’ve already taken four years of acting classes at school as well as private lessons and hope to at least minor in the film while in college. The face portion was a bit difficult to do since it didn’t evenly fade into the picture, so I ended up just erasing the entire face section. I like the frame placed around the figure since it seems to complement it.

2. A.Gonzalez_Web.jpg


"Emma Watson"

I chose to draw Emma Watson because she has basically been my childhood idol since I really love the movie series, Harry Potter. I also chose to draw her because she just looks fun to draw. She’s so flawless and pretty. I liked how she was posing with her hand and the way her hair looked. I also really like her eyebrows. For the background, it was hard to think of what I wanted, something simple but not too simple. I didn't want it to be difficult, either. For the colors, I knew I wanted to add green but also other colors I wouldn't personally use. So I chose purple and pink. I didn't think that was enough so I added a little bit of yellow dots. I think that my artwork was a successful tribute to Kehinde Wiley's work.

Koi L. Gonzalez - Art Velarde 9.15.14 AM


"In Depth"

Painting is a gateway to my emotions, it allows me to escape from reality. Koi fish symbolize love and a strength of purpose. I believe this painting was the turning point of my inner strength not only as an artist but also as a person. Painting has always been a part of me during tough times, especially now.

Cultural Mask - Alejandro Guizar (P3) -


"Mayan Mask"

For my artwork, I wanted to make something that can represent my heritage. My family and I have traveled to the Yucatan peninsula a few times. During those travels, I learned to appreciate the culture, and it so amazed me knowing that at the site where I stood, there stood a civilization so advanced to be able to create such world wonders. 




My art piece focuses on the female face and symbolism using flora and fauna. My goal is to portray the female character, emotions, and personality using the flora and fauna in the artwork. I created this piece, Humility, with color pencils and watercolor paint.



”Self Portrait”

My name is Julie Harris and I'm a junior at Clovis North High school in Fresno, part of CUSD. I am currently enrolled in Lauren Myers’ Art 1 class. This 2D piece entitled “Self Portrait” was completed in 2021 using graphite on a 10x14 paper. I try to learn something new with each project, and this portrait was the perfect opportunity to do so.



“COVID Self-Portrait”

In this portrait, I used a lot of colors so the mask could stand out from the rest of it. In the background, I added a few different words and drawings that are all the things we were able to do before everything started happening. I used a pencil, colored pencil, and colored paper to make this piece. It is supposed to show that I am extremely outgoing or even different from other people with all the colors on my face. I really wanted this to have a lot of colors and I wanted to use a different medium, so the face and background did not blend. The mask has things written in it that aren’t very good but all of them are happening in our world right now that’s why we kept it in pencil rather than in color to keep them separated.

MUSD - KathleenFuller - 9-12 - Thomas Hu


“Pumpkin Rattle”

My clay rattle represents a pumpkin: It’s a pumpkin. The vent hole for my clay rattle is the decimal for my name on the bottom it’s T.H. I used the stick thingy to make my vent hole.



“My dog stole my blanket”

If comfort were compressed into something tangible it would be my dog and my blankets, attracted to each other like magnets.  Whenever she’s in a blanket, she expresses such pure, colorful joy that I can’t help but appreciate. I wanted to capture these small moments that are often taken for granted.

CUSD-Danny Vasquez-K9-12-Kenna Knudsen-T


"The MVP"

What was once just a simple request from my brother, is now one of my favorite works of art. This was the first time I attempted to draw humans realistically in colored pencil, and it was a blast. I call it the MVP because it’s one of my “most valued pieces.” It was kind of a puzzle trying to figure out how to draw the breath coming from his mouth, but it was the most satisfying part of the drawing once I accomplished it. 

DHS YAM 2b_1200dpi (1) - TAMYRA TOMLINSO


“Altered Object”

For this drawing, it had to be something from the imagination, something that normally would not happen. A mug can shatter like a mirror but it cannot melt unless in very high temperatures, which makes it semi-possible; stretching the mug like a piece of gum could work, but what about if it was rotting? By making the mug seem as if it was rotting it created interest in the drawing.

FUSD-Josephine Allen-11-Jaila Lee-Photo


“Travel Plans”

My photo just tells what my future plans are, and what we dream of. My future goal is to go traveling at my top place that was on my list which is South Korea. My plan is to get my dream JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) car and fix it to make it look nice for my own eyes. I am also happy with my picture, it came out to be looking really pretty and creative. I edited multiple pictures using the double exposure technique in a photo app called PicsArt.

SUSD - Kelsey Johnson - K7-8 - Ivy Lopez


”Naruto Kurama State”

Creating art is relaxing and I like to do it in my spare time. When I draw it makes me feel proud of myself because most of the time my artwork turns out well. This pencil drawing is called “Naruto Kurama State,” based on the show “Naruto Shippuden.” The name of this character is Naruto Uzumaki. This art piece is important to me because although it is based on the show, it still shows my own style.




This portrait shows a gloomy-looking person. Shading and texture on the hair make it look as if it could be blown by the wind and second. The presence of small details adds a thousand words to the art piece even though they are seemingly unnoticeable at first glance.

MUSD - KathleenFuller - 9-12 - Roxanne L


”Pear Rattle”

My Clay Rattle is a pear, I couldn’t figure out how to make two of the same pinch pots blend together.  It’s got the texture of a brick and the designs of some leaves. It’s also got some flowers, I left the top half of the pear blank so as to not distract from the leaves/stem.

RUSD-Jeanne Benabides-8th-Abygail Lora-C


"California Adventure"

In my artwork, I used many bright acrylic paint colors to represent a beautiful sunshine state which is California. My California theme artwork was painted on a pizza box and detailed with fine lines to show all the different scenic backgrounds we have in our state. The main idea behind my artwork is to use colorful imagery to show the famous attractions that California has to offer including the California poppy. My goal was accomplished through this painting with the use of vivid colors of my creative design. Throughout this painting, it was fun to see all the different setting backgrounds come together in one art piece.



“Realism Portrait”

I am Kaydence Ly, an 11th grader, and have been participating in art throughout my childhood. When I was five years old my introduction to art came from my older brother who would draw beautifully shaded graphite pieces of anime. This hobby of his influenced my older sister to start and eventually to me. We all shared this mutual interest in drawing. In my freshman year of high school, I started to mingle with the online art community and art became my passion. It was the one thing that I have ever really indulged and realized wanting to make it into a future career.



”Dots on Tiger”

In this artwork, I recreated a black and white picture of a Tiger with small black dots. I made sure to add value so that the final product would not look flat. Through this time-consuming process, I had to be patient and careful of where to add value.




My drawing represents the chronic migraines I deal with. In the picture, the subject wears a blindfold. This is because any type of light makes the pain worse, I have to be in complete darkness to let at least some of the pain subside. To represent what it feels like, in a visual form, I drew a hole on top of the head that expands outwards. It's meant to look explosive and messy because that's what I feel when one starts.



"Serene Yosemite"

Hello, my name is Payton Mize. I am a 7th grader at Rosedale Middle School. I would describe my artwork as a realistic style of a scenic portrait. I used a combination of techniques such as short brush strokes for the details, as well as sponge work to create the softness in the clouds. I was inspired from our vacation to Yosemite during summer break. I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to paint for my artwork of California that would be different from what others might be doing. My goal as an artist is for my artwork to look more realistic,  and I have not done anything with different colors in the mountains. So I thought I should try that picture. And overall I am happy with how it turned out.

CUSD-Danny Vasquez-K9-12-Destiny Murray-



2008 “The Dark Knight’s” Joker, played by Heath Ledger, is one of my favorite performances in the film. His character’s dynamic is genius and I believe no one else can top Ledger’s cinematic portrayal of the persona. I wanted to capture the intensity of his character so I set on drawing him in graphite. I´m proud of my work and am glad I was able to depict my fascination with Heath Ledger’s Joker.




This is a mixed media piece, colored pencil, watercolor, and magazine paper. To separate the figure from the background, (while keeping it looking like it is emerging from the abyss), I used colored pencils and then pasted shredded magazine fragments to make the iceberg and polar bears. Human greed,(represented by the figure), for resources in the south pole and some people's indifference to climate change, may lead to the destruction of these polar bears' habitat and to their extinction. It's a warning to these indifferent/greedy people of the consequences of their actions and how they may affect others.




I wanted to illustrate the feeling of despair and emptiness in this particular work.

FUSD - Michele Mazzei - K9-12 - Thomas O


“Life Through a Screen”

My self-portrait was created to demonstrate the dreary life students face with having to do school through a screen. My piece, “Life Through a Screen,” came to be when I was scrolling through social media and seeing other teens feeling the same way as I did with having to learn online. It was important to me to demonstrate how we students feel about online through my art as it’s taken a toll on our mental health.

SUSD-Matthew Potter-K9-12-Antonia Perez-



I’m Antonia Perez, and the art piece I’m presenting is an oil painting titled “Light”. My art is centered around expressing specific emotions and ideas, and in this piece, I portrayed my perception of a person’s inner self.  I utilized the contrast between a dark background and a light, centered subject to show this.

bluething (1) - Shirley Yuen.jpg


“Wandering Dreams”

I wanted to grasp how dreams would look if it was seen abstractly in one's eyes, so I decided to use both cool colors and warm colors after studying ¨ The Starry Night ¨ painting. In the end, I wanted to create movement, thus the colors going from light to dark making it seem like the circles are glowing.



"Inside Out"

It doesn't matter what's on the outside and how you look, it's what you are from the inside.



“Fantasy World”

This is a world I made up in my imagination.

CUSD-Danny Vasquez-K9-12-Jocelyn Rummel-



This painting is actually my second attempt - the first was smeared and ruined by black paint in a fit of rage. I am not proud of this painting, in fact, I think it is one of my worst. But alas, it has been chosen to be featured, so here it is. It's meant to be Zendaya in The Greatest Showman.



“Self Portrait”

This was a simple “split portrait” that tells the story of who I am.

1. A.Salazar Tovar_Web.jpg



I drew my dog Fiona in my portrait because I've always loved this picture of her. I drew horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines for my background. In each square, there are four triangles, and each triangle is colored in a different shade of blue. The first row had one pattern, and the second row flipped its pattern both horizontally and vertically. It switched between the two throughout the whole portrait.

Sara J. Sanchez - Art Velarde.jpg



At this time, I am focusing on realistic portraits of my family and friends. All of my family and friends, mean a lot to me. In this portrait of my cousin Sara, I used charcoal pencils to capture her during a visit.

Harsimran Sekhon (P7) - David Guaglianon


"Rose Vase"

My motivation to make this project was nature, which represents beautiful creation on the earth. The flowers are the symbol of love and beauty. The pattern that I did represents the tree trunk, which symbolizes life and growth. I like how it turned out, the sequence of the pattern with flowers. I learned how to make roses by using my hands and a paperclip. I also learned you don’t need that many tools to make something in ceramics, your hands are the tools.

FUSD - Michele Mazzei - K9-12 - Lyndsey


“My Own Hero”

My hero is myself. I never had a lot of help growing up, my parents were always at work or school, I don’t blame them, but they didn’t have time to form a true bond. I had to care for myself and my brother most of the time. I had to figure out how to do a lot of things, how to make friends and process complicated emotions all by myself and overcome many burdens without the help you would normally get from parents. This is why I am my own hero, I’m proud of the obstacles I’ve overcome all by myself.


"Mind of Happiness"

In my photo you can see a beautiful sky and some trees, the reason I chose this photo because it stood out to me. I loved how the sky looked and it helps me clear my mind of all the negative energy. In this photo, I am in pursuit of having a peaceful mind so I won't stress about anything. This photo Inspires me to have an open mind about things in life.

FUSD - Michele Mazzei - 12 - Kane Sjober


“Education for All”

This portrait of Malala Yousafzai is created entirely from the repeating phrase, “Education for all”. Having read her autobiography, Malala’s riveting story and unbreakable commitment to expanding educational access was deeply impactful to me. A major Art II project on resilience catalyzed this homage, which took over three weeks to complete.



“Complex Still Life”

Hello, my name is Lily Thao, a senior currently (but not for long) attending Clovis East High School. I have been creating art ever since the 6th grade when I noticed one of my friends doing art.  This is one of my proudest works while learning about Art 1. I was not so sure of it at first, but it turned out to amaze me. Created on paper using a graphite pencil, this work took me 4 to 5 hours to complete.  I think art is an amazing thing that can happen. Art is very subjective and not everyone will be impressed with a simple dot on an empty canvas, but many may be inspired by it. Art can be a way for people to express themselves without saying words. For me, being creative is like gathering all the blobs of colors and ideas in your mind and dumping them onto pages. Everyone is creative, even if they don’t think so.

SUSD - Kelsey Johnson - K7-8 - Alyssa To



To me, art means a lot. It's a fun hobby and sort of a coping mechanism for me and helps me express myself. I also want my future to involve art and animation. I go to Sanger Academy Charter School, and I’m in 8th grade. I have a very supportive family, who encourages me to do my best in everything.

CUSD- Jennifer High - K7 - Sophie Uhl -


"Beautiful no matter the circumstances"

The drawing is half sugar skull and half self-portrait. The design on the sugar skull side is a sun and a flower, nothing too detailed. I really like flowers, they mean a lot to me, that's why I drew the flower and sun.




In my self-portrait, I drew myself wearing a mask covered in flames while being surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers. This represents how, nowadays, we are forced to wear masks and the world is burning around us from Covid. Yet, there are things in this world that make us happy. Like friends, family, food, toys, etc. If we surround ourselves with these things, they can bring us joy in these depressed situations. Not being able to get out often has taken a toll on my mental health. I have been staying inside locked up in my room often, snacking a lot, and mood changes. COVID-19 is like a fire engulfing me, suffocating me with smoke and flames, like the masks we must wear and how we must quarantine ourselves. This is why I drew fire on my mask. However, even in this sorrowful time, there is a light in the darkness. Flowers, trees, nature, birds chirping, rivers flowing, and the scent of pine trees. These are the things I long for. Camping with friends and family, walking along a trickling creek, sitting in a field of wildflowers. They calm and relax me. So, I drew wild, beautiful, blooming sunflowers around myself to show the things I enjoy and love. The things I miss doing before we were locked in our houses.

CUSD - Shirley Yuen - 11 - Josey West -



For this artwork, I chose to illustrate my dog, Arnold, for he holds a very special place in my heart. Although, in reality, his coat is fully white, I wanted to capture his playful and loving nature by using striking, vivid colors contrasted against a cool background.

RUSD-Jeanne Benabides-8th-Ashley White-C


"California Graffiti"

My artwork is a composition of what portrays California. I used a lot of symbols in my piece to represent California’s culture. For instance, the tie-dye in the California letters represents that tie-dye is commonly seen in California’s beach communities. I used oil-based paint supplies and paint-pens to create this piece. I tried to portray nostalgia in this artwork; when I used Spongebob and Patrick on my piece and a Mickey Mouse silhouette I tried to show that those are iconic American images. My goal was to use my imagination, and this project helped me reach my goal. This piece will influence my future artwork because now I know I can use my imagination for creating artwork.

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