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Single Subject Credential Program in ART

California State University, Fresno

Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) in Art at California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) serves teacher candidates who pursue their career as art teachers in K-12 school settings and beyond. 
The program is post-bachelor program, which requires candidates to hold a BA before application. Currently, SSCP in Art accepts candidates only for Fall semester each year, and the application window is generally from January to February. For more information, please contact the program coordinator, Dr. Ahran Koo, at

Single Subject Credential: About

Subject Matter Competency

To apply for the Single Subject Credential Program in Art, you need to prove your Subject Matter Competency (SMC) through Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP) in Art or CSETs.

Two options to complete the SMC:

(1) SMPP: Completion of the Fresno State Coursework 

(2) CSET test

As an additional requirement,  the Departmental Portfolio must be completed for both options.

Single Subject Credential: Services

Fresno State Coursework

CSET in Art

Passing CSET: Art (Two subtests)

Commission on Teacher Credentialing Test


Single Subject Credential: Text
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